Biggest Real Estate Photography Mistakes

Interior Photography - Chapel No5 Naxxar

Effective real estate and interior photos expertly balance lighting, colour, angles and styling to best a showcase a property. Majority thinks it’s easy because the house doesn’t move, however in reality this is a most challenging of all the professional genres of commercial photography. Struggling with lighting, dealing with a composition are part of the fun and difficulty of interior photography.

Mistakes are a part of life and they help us grow and become better photographers. Here is a list of the ‘common mistakes’ real estate and interior photographers make.

1. Bad lightning.
Photographer shooting a picture of the inside of a home will often have to compete with bright light coming in through the windows. Publishing photos that are overly lit or shaded is the quickest way to disengage potential buyers/guests. Image needs to have a natural, ambient, light-filled feeling to a room showing the natural light coming through windows.

2. Clutter.
Presentation is the key. Straightening curtains, plumping up and positioning cushions and also personal items such as family photographs and appliances, to magazines and even furniture is must. Potential buyers instead of seeing your amazing living room might not be able to draw their eyes away from the stacks of mail or the coats hung up on the backs of the chairs.

3. Shadows and Reflections.
Property advert isn’t the best place for a bathroom selfie. It can be tough to avoid catching your reflection or a bright, weird flash when you’re photographing any room with reflective surfaces.

4. Converging Verticals.
The first rule of interior photography is that all vertical lines should be perfectly vertical. It is important to have verticals parallel with the left and right edge of the frame, you can not even argue about that.

5. Poor quality.
Lens distortion, chromatic aberration color, blur, wrong white balance and low image resolution. Use the proper quality equipment and correct your camera settings to shoot with the highest possible quality.

Avoiding these common mistakes will greatly improve your photography skills and you will be on your way to creating a great listing ad that agents and vendors will love. To view a selection of properly done property photography, see my interior and architecture portfolio gallery from Malta.