Property Types in Malta and Gozo

Property types in Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo offer a wide range of Properties. For real estate photographer it is a promised land. Here is a detailed list of the available types of Properties on the islands to suit anyone’s taste.

1. Apartment
The most popular property in Malta, especially for first time buyers. Recently build apartments usually comprise an open plan layout and are most commonly served with a lift, interconnected to semi-basement or basement level garages.

2. Maisonette
This kind of Property has its own front door giving this property its variation to the Apartment property, as an alternative to a communal entrance with common parts found within Apartment blocks, Maisonette property normally come at semi basement/ground/elevated floor level, usually having a rear yard or roof space.

3. Penthouse
It is usually the last apartment located on the top of a building. They differ from usual apartment, as they are luxuriously finished and furnished, having front and back terraces, which serve ideally as entertainment areas whilst enjoying beautiful views.

4. House of Character
Traditional stone built property generally found in the villages and towns core. Built with rock and limestone can date back hundreds of years, and the term ‘character’ lives up to expectations. Aside from stone vaulted ceilings, slabs, flagstone floors or patterned tiles, wooden beams and thick walls, properties of this nature tend to come with an internal courtyard, garden or a swimming pool.

5. Townhouse
Limestone structure built pre-war or post-war to form part of the English Colony, aging from 30 to 100 years old. Commonly has a courtyard and/or garden. Some even have swimming pool and an integral garage.

6. Terraced House
Built post war offering more spacious accommodation then an average Townhouse. Characterised by an extensive family living space, usually built within newly developed residential areas, which come in the form of a row of several or semi detached or detached, having either front, side or rear yard with a drive or underlying garage.

7. Farmhouse
Similar to a house of character, however a farmhouse is usually much larger and can come with plenty of land. Well sought-after properties in Malta and Gozo. From an English definition it is ‘a house of a farmer’. Some of them date back hundreds of years, has been beautifully restored, boasting authentic features such as wood beams, patterned tiles, corbels and slabs etc. Found in Maltese and Gozitan rural areas, usually with a garden or swimming pool.

8. Bungalow
This type of property is no different to its counterparts elsewhere. Ground floor level building, huge basement garages, gardens and pool. Commonly found in semi detached and detached formats boasting lots of light, occupying large plots in usually exclusive residential areas.

9. Villa
Large semi or fully detached properties, generally with extensive pool and garden area. Often built to the owner’s requirements. Luxury house usually comes with minimum 4 bedrooms and it is characterized by designer finish and extra features like underfloor heating, intelligent lighting systems etc.

10. Commercial
Commercial properties cover various types of properties, used for commercial and business activities. There are many types of commercial properties in Malta and Gozo which include shops and retail outlets, warehouses, mini markets and grocery stores, hair and beauty salons etc.